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 Knowing how to learn will be fundamental to meet the challenges of the 4th Industrial Revolution and deal with the rapid changes in technology. We all need to know how to learn, relearn and unlearn continuously.Quote Mark

Trudy SoreTrudy Sore
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Lifelong learning – the future proof skill


The rapid growth of technology, coupled with the global pandemic and Brexit, has meant that many of us have had to retrain and update our skills. This is particularly important to the skills that employers will need in the future as the rate of change continues to accelerate. Skills are vital to businesses competitiveness and the UK’s productivity in an increasingly knowledge-led economy

Right now, there is a national labour shortage, with record high rates of people leaving their jobs, making talent a scarce commodity. 

The pandemic has enabled people to review the premium they place on their careers and on the role of work in their lives. It’s forced them to question what really makes them happy and how to build a balance between work and life that feels more sustainable. This mentality could prompt a huge shift in how much time and energy we devote to our jobs, or how we draw boundaries between work and life.

In the UK, we are increasingly living longer, and in many ways, more fulfilled lives. By 2025, one in three of the working population will be over 50. Learning to learn is the skill characterising those with the ability to constantly pursue knowledge and understanding. It is about always asking questions, experimenting with new topics and subjects, and staying curious.

Learning is about more than our careers and work. It is not because you want to pass an exam or secure a great job but because you want to learn. It has a wide range of social and personal benefits, too, including community engagement, building friendships, and supporting health and wellbeing.

A recent reskilling survey by Learning at Work Week partner shows that over 70% of its users were looking to reskill or upskill in 2021. 

“Employers and learning teams deliver thousands of hours of activities during Learning at Work Week. They bring colleagues together to talk about learning and share their skills, as well as highlight work and career development opportunities.  

Their efforts and commitment make a significant contribution to lifelong learning. They inspire colleagues to think differently about learning and by responding to learning needs, help them make the most of the opportunities on offer.”  

Julia Wright, national director at the Campaign for Learning

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