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Aviva is proud to be one of the first employers to publicly commit to 12% more older workers by 2022 and to publish workforce data by age. Currently, around 19% of our workforce is over 50 – and we will improve on this over time.  We hope to exceed rather than just meet the 12% target. Having employees with the life experience and maturity, who can fully relate to our customers, is hugely valuable, and the over 50s are essential to this.Quote Mark

 Andy Briggs, CEO, Aviva UK Life

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In the UK, we are increasingly living longer, and in many ways, more fulfilled lives. By 2025, one in three of the working population will be over 50. These are the Mid-Life+ workers – people who are mid-career, with lots of experience behind them and plenty of enthusiasm for what’s in front.

For employers, Mid-Life+ workers are an essential part of any workforce planning strategy as we move towards a new era where people remain active, engaged and in work for far longer than in previous generations.

And this is a good thing. A recent study by CIPD indicates that the UK is running out of workers: current employer plans suggest that we’ll need to fill 13.5 million job vacancies in the next ten years, but only 7 million young people will leave school and college. With less people entering the labour pool, it’s critical for employers to be able to embrace talent and fill roles.

The benefits of hiring Mid-Life+ workers

There are many sound business reasons to add older, more experienced Mid-Life+ workers to your workforce. Applicants who bring wisdom and experience to the table are valuable assets for any businesses.

Having started their careers when electronic communication was not ubiquitous, strong people skills and good face-to-face communication are second nature to them. And, Mid-Life+ workers can pass on what they know to your team’s younger members, ensuring the up and coming generation in the workplace benefit from their experience.

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