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Managing Changes in Your Career

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Managing Change in Your Career is designed for employees who are going through changes at work, such as restructuring.

The first part of the workshop is structured to help people take stock of what is happening– exploring their own reactions to change and to manage change in a positive way.

The second element of the workshop focuses on key skills to help individuals refocus their career and to seek new opportunities.

The course also provides a further option for delegates to take up individual 1-1 coaching to further develop individual action plans and CVs.

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Learning Methods

This workshop is an interactive course using a number of self-assessment tools, role plays and discussion groups to assist the delegates get the most out of the day

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Who Should Participate

Employees in the process of change

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Benefits to you and your organisation

The end of the course will have provided participants with the skills to enable them to:

• Understand the purpose of the changes they are going through

  Explore their reactions to the change

  Identify career goals through SWOT analysis

  Identify key tools and techniques for moving on in your career

  Practise CV writing and interview skills

  Develop a personal action plan

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The Changing Nature of the World of Work

•  Identify the change and its purpose

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The Transition Process

•  Personal reaction and emotions

   The transition curve

  Strategies to manage reactions

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• SWOT analysis

   Personal goals/career plans

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•  What are the next steps?

   Identifying opportunities

   Sources of help and support

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Key Career skills

•  Ideal work preferences

  CV preparation

  Job Search skills

  Interview techniques


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Personal Action Plan

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