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The coaching session was absolutely key to me updating my CV & also my view of how to approach future employment searching with gusto. Thank you.         Quote Mark


New Leaf Redundancy Support Services


for individuals

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We work with people facing redundancy so they can identify their career achievements, recognise their transferable skills, explore how these can apply to future career paths and opportunities and help them market themselves more effectively in the working world.

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We believe passionately in providing a tailored service that meets the needs of the individuals. We listen and work with you to provide the most appropriate support geared to your needs.

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We work directly with individuals offering tailored 1-2-1 coaching as well as businesses undergoing redundancy programmes to offer tailored outplacement support.


how we can help

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Redundancy can be a disempowering and stressful experience. We provide a compassionate and supportive environment with tailored 1-2-1 coaching sessions designed to provide you with the confidence and skills to increase your chances of success in looking for that new job or career change.

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The virtual sessions give you time, space and support and are shaped to your individual requirements. We always listen and then tailor our approach so you can improve your career chances and confidence in your own abilities.

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We provide an initial 30-minute FREE taster session followed by a programme that is developed specifically for you. The programme can be as short as a follow up 60-minute 1-2-1 or can encompass several follow up 1-2-1 sessions, depending on your needs and budget.

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Areas that can be covered include, but are not limited to:

•  Change management – how to manage redundancy situations; managing barriers to change and enhancing your confidence and mindset in the job search

  Understanding your skills and talents – really understanding what you have to offer a prospective employer, including those transferable skills 

  Career vision and planning – exploration of different career options, retraining and setting up your own business.

  Job search techniques and strategy including networking and LinkedIn.

  CVs and application forms – how to sell yourself and stand out from the crowd

  Interview skills and techniques – key skills to selling yourself in that interview (linking closely with the ‘understanding your skills and talent’ session). This can include a practice interview with constructive feedback.

I felt the training was really worthwhile. Jeanette has given me some excellent pointers on improving my CV and interview techniques. She has made me realise ‘I can do it’. Thank you, Jeanette, for your excellent help, guidance, and encouragement.

Really useful. It helped me focus my thoughts.

I was impressed by the way the contents were adapted to my particular circumstances.

These were a brilliant couple of courses which have, and will continue to, help me. Really am very grateful. I have not had any interview techniques coaching sessions until this. Well structured, informative, highly recommended.


about us

Jeanette Rouse is the lead tutor on the NewLeaf programme. She has successfully run her own HR consultancy business over the last 15 years, providing a range of support to local businesses in the New Anglia region, as well as working with a number of our Local Authorities.

Jeanette has over 20 years’ experience as a senior HR professional. She is a qualified and highly experienced recruiter; she was the Recruitment Manager in Royal Mail Anglia responsible for recruiting to a wide range of roles including responsibility for the graduate training scheme. Since setting up her own business she has continued to recruit – particularly when working in Interim Senior HR management roles.

Jeanette has run a number of successful career coaching and outplacement programmes with exceptional feedback from participants.

Jeanette Rouse
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