We help businesses realise their potential by developing software solutions that provide information in a timely and efficient manner thereby increasing productivity and engagement.

Our strength in quickly understanding the requirements of each business is fundamental to providing appropriate scalable solutions.

Software Solutions at Blue Novation

All businesses today hold information electronically and the systems that are used to store, display and interrogate this information are often fundamental to the longer term success of the business.

We live in a world where information is available 24/7 and can be accessed from a variety of devices (phone, tablet, laptop, desktop) and there are a relentless march and desire for more information to be available on demand.

In businesses this trend is also evident and so the efficient flow and presentation of information through a business is becoming ever more important.

Microsoft Azure 

Blue Novation has many years’ experience in working with organisations to develop software solutions to manage the flow and presentation of information. This experience ranges from the development of database driven websites and mobile solutions to cloud-based database solutions (Microsoft Azure), bespoke in-house Microsoft Access databases plus the integration of existing systems.

Our strength in quickly understanding the requirements of each business is fundamental to providing appropriate scalable solutions.


Microsoft’s Vision for Data

“We started working with Chris at least 5 years ago as we needed to develop a piece of software which would manage Customer, Supplier, Stock, pricing etc, all in one place. As with all businesses we had information unique to our industry which the standard finance packages cannot handle.

Chris makes the job seem really easy and his first-hand experience and knowledge of how a manufacturing business works add real value. He very quickly grasped what we needed and subsequently produced exactly the right solution. This makes him an exceptional developer as often their skills are mostly IT based, the hands-on manufacturing experience really made the process so much easier for us.

Our system has grown steadily over the years and becomes more sophisticated with each review. We recently challenged Chris to help us with a complex Bill of Material issue involving communication with other “package” systems currently in use in the business. The planning stage has now been finalised and we have every confidence that Chris will deliver this much-needed solution to our business; in fact, we are all very excited about getting the update operational.”

Elizabeth Pearce, Commercial Director, Omega Ingredients Ltd

our team

CHRIS COLE BSc Hons (First Class)


Chris is Blue Novation’s technical director and lead designer of real-time data management systems.  Having spent many years in a variety of manufacturing roles, Chris has a practical outlook in respect of using IT systems for the benefit of businesses. His experience and “feet on the ground” approach is a key strength in Blue Novation’s success.



Ivan has a long and extensive association with the data management industry and has worked on numerous development projects for a range of organisations from multi-nationals to SMEs. He is an Oracle Certified Associate, Microsoft Certified Professional (Small Business) and is also an Associate Lecturer with the Open University, mentoring undergraduate students on a final year course on relational database theory and implementation. Ivan is also a member of the Learning and Performance Institute, and TAP certified.

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