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Access VBA Introduction

This customised workshop is designed to give advanced users of Microsoft Access a solid grounding in the use of Microsoft Visual Basic to automate and enhance their Access applications.

Course Topics


modules • objects • properties • procedures • events


adding a module • creating/running a procedure • stepping through a procedure

User Defined Functions

creating functions • using functions


data types • local vs public • manipulating strings • symbolic constants

Control Structures

if…then • select case • for…next • do…loop • nesting controls

Dialog Boxes

message boxes • using forms as custom dialog boxes

Handling Events

mouse events • keyboard events • data events • focus events • errors and timings • default events

User Interface

creating a main form • creating navigation forms • customising menus • customising toolbars

Testing & Debugging

the immediate window • setting break points • running selected portions of code • using the calls dialog box

Communicating with Other Applications

linking with Excel and Word





Course Dates

Course Dates

On Request

Course Duration

Customised Workshop (1 or 2 days)

Course Timings





A thorough knowledge of Access is essential: however, no knowledge of Visual Basic for Applications is needed.

Training Formats

Private course · tailored · 1 to 1 (instructor led)

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