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“We must proactively and thoughtfully reinvent the future of work.”​

L. Rafael Reif, President – Massachusetts Institute of Technology


The coming of AI and automation to the workplace means that many tasks that people undertake today may well be automated. Whilst technological advancements have consistently changed the workplace over the past two hundred and fifty years, the pace of change today, and the potential for disruption to the way we work, are essentially unprecedented.

“The new technology is replacing cognitive skills as well as manual skills and so will impact both white-and blue-collar jobs. In essence, AI and robotics are “collar-blind.”

Joseph Auoun
Author of “Robot-Proof: Higher Education in the Age of Artificial Intelligence”

Previously, most people could envisage having just one career during their lifetime. Today, we are looking at a change of career, with a whole new skillset, probably every decade. And as AI takes on many of the routine tasks across jobs and industries, transferable skills such as emotional intelligence, curiosity, creativity, adaptability, resilience and critical thinking, the traits machines can’t emulate, will become highly valuable.

“The speed of change also means that we cannot be focused just on young people entering the workforce for the first time.  To respond positively to Industry 4.0 will require a significant increase in upskilling of the existing workforce.”

New Anglia Emerging Technology Skills Plan 2019

At Blue Novation we believe that learning fires growth, both for individuals and for businesses, and that this will be the key to succeeding in the age of AI. Contact us to discuss how our courses can ensure that the future of work, works for everyone.

contact us to discuss how our training can ensure the future of work, works for everyone

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