Flipped learning is an instructional method that has had firm acceptance amongst the education sector. The basic tenet of Flipped Learning is that instruction is given on an individual basis prior to training in a group space (which for corporate training has traditionally been a classroom with an instructor). The information given prior to the group space training is usually done via video in the form of elearning or webinars.

With the basics then out of the way, training in the group space can be used for interactive discussion, activity and experimentation. This is where the flipped aspect is; with much of the learning done prior to the actual training event, the event itself is then used for exploration and consolidation.

The Benefits of Flipped Learning

The benefits for companies adopting Flipped Learning are many:

  • Employees can get to grips with the basics in a timeframe that suits their own schedules.
  • By providing individual training via video and elearning prior to the group event, the number of hours required for training in the group space is reduced which reduces costs.
  • The pre-training information remains available after the group space event has run providing an on-demand set of reference materials for the group for future use.
  • The flipped learning format encourages greater engagement and has been demonstrated to boost memory and information recall.

Increasingly companies are pushing out the Flipped Learning model to change the way they onboard new employees and to change the way they run meetings.

With flipped meetings a short video, or shared document, of agenda items is created. The shared material can include items and ideas that will be raised at the meeting and can be accompanied by supporting documents etc. Then, when the meeting takes place, people can go straight into discussing the items on the agenda without the need for individuals to go through background information.

Microsoft’s Office Mix free add-on for PowerPoint is ideal for introducing flipped concepts into your company. With Office Mix you can easily create screen casts and webcam recordings, you can embed quizzes and other interactive apps into your own PowerPoint slides and Mixes can be accessed on any device. You can even check who has accessed your Mix and how they go on with the materials you have put together.

Flipping, whether it’s training, on-boarding or meetings, offers new and exciting ways to engage with people across teams and across companies.